by William Glomski, photo credits to Madison Holden

The Pitt Program Council put on their annual Fall Fest on Bigelow Boulevard. This year’s acts included the Battle of the Bands winner, Influential J, Floco Torres, Desiigner and Aminé.


The Pitt Arts were also sponsoring the event with their art festival. Tables run by local theaters, Pitt art groups and local dance groups handed out sand art, stencils and on the spot silk screened t-shirts with Pitt Arts logoed across them.


Aminé had the crowd engaged with calls like, “You’re Beautiful,” to which the crowd responded, “I know.” Desiigner pumped up the crowd by jumping around and off the stage,

The attendees, estimated in the hundreds, were on their feet jumping around and waving their arms. Asking some attendees what they thought of the festival, they responded with, “this is awesome,” “we love Desiigner” or “this needs to happen more often.”


One attendee thought a little bit on the deeper side telling The Pitt Maverick, “this concert is absolutely phenomenal, the way it’s bringing us Pitt students as a community together.” Many said that the concert was “bringing good vibes on a beautiful sunny day.”


Based on the feedback from the students, Pitt seemed to have a successful event with attendees seeming to enjoy both the arts festival and the performers.