By: Chloe Chappell


“It’s time to disarm the police and arm our desires.”  


Anarchists at the University of Pittsburgh staged a sit-in at the Cathedral of Learning on Tuesday, passing out literature to inform students of their upcoming event on Friday.


On Friday, November 17th at 3:30 p.m, the students are planning to walk out of their classes to “demonstrate that our classes can not be as important as the safety of our friends and demanding a more just campus and world.” The students will  gather at Towers Patio to commemorate the events that unfolded a year ago at Towers.


Students that were at the sit-in in the Cathedral declined to comment when asked questions about their goals and how they felt unarming police would help the situation. The literature that they were distributing outlines why they are unhappy with the university. “As anarchists we challenge any institution that perpetuates classism, racism, and gendered violence,” the pamphlets read.   


The literature then goes on about how they “…seek joy above else. We gather here because we oppose the alienation that our classroom brings.”


“We gather here, in Chancellor Gallagher’s office, to invite the administration to abandon their servitude to the University’s greed and join us in our creation of a world free from the worship of idleness. But we know it will be long before capitalism’s front line puts down their batons, their inordinately high salaries, their suits and ties. And so we will spend our time creating, laughing, sleeping, crying, enjoying the the vibrancy of life as to threaten the placid boredom that our greatest institutions thrive on. We do not need you to notice us. We only need the time and space to join with one another and affirm our ability to desire together, to desire alone, but to remember that we can and we must desire more.”   


Near the end of the literature, the anarchists referenced of 15 demands for Chancellor Gallagher that were released earlier this school year.


The conclusion of the literature reads, “BE REALISTIC, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE.”