By: Chloe Chappell


Christmas trees adorn shop windows and streets, while christmas music can be heard playing on the radio. For many, the Christmas has officially begun.


…But what about Thanksgiving?


We often forget about the holiday, seeing it as a day to eat a large meal and break down store doors for televisions at rock-bottom prices.


It’s frankly embarrassing.Thanksgiving means so much more than just a large, delicious feast. It’s a celebration of friends, family, humankind, and the blessings we take advantage of every single day. Christmas has its time, but overlooking Thanksgiving because you want to bust out the mistletoe early is a big mistake.


Don’t get me wrong, anyone who knows me knows that I love the holiday season. I absolutely adore October to December, and sometimes I even secretly put on Christmas songs in July. However, Thanksgiving means so much to me than a feast, and I make a point to give Thanksgiving its time and place in the year.


This is the time to be thankful for what you have and spend time with family.


We have so much to be thankful for as citizens of the United States of America. We enjoy so many liberties, benefits, and luxuries than those outside our borders. We all, as individuals, have different things to be thankful for, but there are some universal benefits we should all reflect on with gratitude.


We have countless liberties — the freedom of speech, religion and the right to assemble — which far too many human beings in the world still lack. We are living in a country that is in the top ten nations of the human health index for the greatest quality of living. Living in the U.S, there are so many advantages given to us that are often taken for granted.


Yes, our country does have its problems but what nation, past or present, goes through history without such baggage. Instead of focusing on the bad, for today at least, I would rather focus on everything that I have to be grateful for, and all those burdens which I don’t have to carry.


I’m thankful for many things this year. I have the opportunity to get an education at a top University, while many girls around the world are denied even a high school level education. Attending the University of Pittsburgh, has allowed me to do so much more than just begin my secondary education. Pitt gives me the freedom to explore my interests and discover who I am as an individual. Pitt introduced me to some of the greatest people I have ever met, and who I care very much about.


I have a very supportive family at home, whom I love and whom I know love me. My college family, who keeps me sane and makes everyday a new adventure. There’s a roof over my head, food on my plate, and I’m free to chose my own path in life. Many people don’t have these gifts, and I’m thankful that I do.


With so much to be thankful for, I don’t understand why Thanksgiving isn’t a bigger at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It’s as if we go straight from Halloween to Christmas.


There’s no big Thanksgiving display in the store, no thanksgiving movie marathons, and very few Thanksgiving countdowns.


Instead, we are bombarded with obnoxious advertisements displaying who is having the biggest Black Friday sales and who opens the earliest. While Black Friday is great, I’m looking forward to seeing family who I haven’t seen in months and thinking about all that I have to be grateful for — not the newest model of flat-screen.


My christmas decorations will go up next week and my spotify Christmas playlist will be on repeat until the 26th of December.


This week, however, is all about giving thanks.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Photo Credits to the Chappell Family